Today we begin the 100 days of code with my daughter Piper. At just 8 years old, she has been interested in coding since around 4. Each Christmas she looks forward to the daddy daughter gift which is my way of introducing her to STEM. It began at age 4 when I purchased Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set. I can remember Christmas day like it was yesterday, the excitement she had on her face after all the gifts where open, wrapping paper cleaned up, and breakfast inhaled. The first thing she wanted to do was open the Go Robot and start. We cleared the table, unpacked the box, and went hunting for batteries for the blue mouse that looked like a hybrid between a mouse and a calculator. Within an hour of selecting her first challenge and having me explain the basics of problem solving and coding concepts she was off to the races. I could see her laying out her code steps, programming the mouse, running the program and then most often frustration as the mouse veered off course not reaching the cheese. Back to the drawing board she would go and eventually she solved all of the cards. With that memory fresh in my mind still after almost 4.5 years Piper and I begin our 100 days of code challenge.