We are starting with Markdown because it is a fundamental and easy syntax to learn and is necessary for almost anything in the development world. Whether Github README files, this blog, or simply taking notes, Markdown will be used significantly moving forward. Now this challenge will not be like most due to the fact that I only get Piper every other weekend, so our 100 days of code will take some time to complete. In the end, the goal is to have Piper doing full-stack development and enjoying it. If at any time she feels too much pressure or is no longer enjoying the challenge we will stop. This is or her not me forcing my life choices on her.

Piper's Notes

Markdown Syntax

Italics and Bold

Add either a single underscore or asterisk to front and end of a word to make it ITALIC

Add either a double underscore or double asterisks to the front and end of a word to make it BOLD.


Add 1 - 6 # to make text a heading

To make links like in a website, use []() to make them like this to go to Google[


To make an image it's the same as a link except you preface the link text with !

[This is an image example](https://assets3.thrillist.com/v1/image/2754965/size/tmg-article_tall.jpg)


Here is my quote of the day  "Hey tomorrow will be 56 degrees outside."


Today's grocery list is

  • Whole chicken
  • pork chops
  • shrimp.

To create an ordered list simple use number. in front of each line.

  1. Peel the apple
  2. quarter the apple

Lessons Learned

Today was my first day of 100 days of code. My journey began with learning Markdown. This was an easy to learn language or syntax and I used it in this blog. Today I learned how to make headings, images, links, lists, and quotes as well as text highlighting. Here is a link in Markdown to [George Washington](https://www.history.com/topics/us-presidents/george-washington). 99 days left in the countdown to being a full-stack web developer. Next I plan to learn HTML so I can create basic websites. See you next time!