After a quick grasp of Markdown, today we move on to HTML fundamentals. I hope today Piper will see the correlation between the two languages. Piper will be following the curriculum. I have reset my account from years ago so that she can start fresh will all of the latest lessons. I can't wait to see her face light up as she starts to craft websites and begin to grab the fundamentals of the web world. Yesterday was quite a treat for me as she without thought began debugging things and learning on her own while working through Markdown. One of the first things that she questions was _ vs * and how both perform the same formatting. She stumbled across this because of a type and then when asked why did it work, I explained there are many ways to skin a cat in programming. When asked which I use I told her I tend to use the asterisks and she informed me she would be using the underscore because it is closer to the shift key and she has small hands! Well here we go, HTML.

Pipers Notes


Are used to provide structure to the words on the page. You can start writing anything you want and then go back and put tags around it to make it work in Chrome.

Standard Tags

  • p for paragraph
  • h for headlines
  • <!-- --> used for commenting out html
  • header
  • footer
  • nav
  • video
  • article
  • section
  • main
  • img used for adding images <img src="" alt="">


A pair of tags generally represent an element.

Lessons Learned

Today I started learning the tags for HTML. You should try it one day you can do cool things like build a web page with links, images, lists, and text-boxes. A fun fact that I know is Wix does this for you but I am learning how to do all that work myself. Tomorrow I am going to do more learning on forms and other form elements. See you next time.