Today's agenda will include hex color notation, RGB color notation, css variables, and introduction to media queries. After today's lessons, Piper will have completed basic HTML and basic CSS on the freeCodeCamp curriculum. After that we will follow the applied visual design and accessibility while also side tracking to Balsamiq to introduce here to wire framing. I hope within a few weeks she will have her first website wired-framed and a concept ready to begin building.

Piper's Notes



  • uses # and some numbers
  • HEX is short for hexadecimal
  • base 16 numbers. 0-9 ABCDEF
  • use up to 6 hex symbols to define red, green, and blue
  • #000000 = black; #1E90FF = Dodger blue


  • describes the brightness of red green blue.
  • use RGB to specify the brightness of each color from 0 - 255
  • rgb(o,o,o) = black;

CSS Variables

Allow you to change many CSS properties at once with only a single value change.

Lessons Learned

Today I learned how to change colors using HEX and RGB. I also learned how to use variables to change many things at once. The penguin examples on freecodecamp were fun and easy for a kid. Ta Ta for now.