Hopefully the next section of the curriculum on freecodecamp.com applied visual design does not bore Piper too much. According to freecodecamp visual design is

Visual Design in web development is a broad topic. It combines typography, color theory, graphics, animation, and page layout to help deliver a site's message. At a basic level, most web content provides a user with information. The visual design of the page can influence its presentation and a user's experience. In web development, HTML gives structure and semantics to a page's content, and CSS controls the layout and appearance of it.

Piper's Notes

Websites display lots of text and CSS has a lot of properties to display things.

Property Values Description
text-align center/right/left aligns the text
width %/px/em sets the width of an element
height %/px/em sets the height of an element
strong <strong></strong> equivalent to bold
underline <u><\u> underline text
emphasize <em><\em> equivalent of italicize
strike-through <s><\s> strikes through text
horizontal line <hr> block level line
rgba rgba(45, 45, 45, 0.1) color with an additional transparency property
box-shadow offset-x, offset-y, blur-radius, spread-radius, color applies one or more shadows to an element
opacity 0.7 used to adjust the opacity of an item

Lessons Learned

Today was a fun day since it was raining outside I spent more time learning more CSS. There are so many things to learn and dad says soon we will take what I am learning and use it on a project. Projects, I love those, they always keep me busy.