It's been a while since we have posted anything. I have been quite busy with job lately. About a year ago, I took a role on the founding development team of a new and exciting SaaS product (more information to come). I started out as a Sr. Engineer and quickly moved into the Dev. Manager role. The team and I have been quite busy this past year building and laying out our MVP product and had a soft alpha launch this past February with a few companies. Things have been going well and we targeting a first week in September official launch. With the excuses all out of the way, Piper and I have decided to get back to her 100 days in code and once again make an effort to commit to coding. After completing markdown and basic HTML / CSS, Piper's next curriculum is JavaScript. This will introduce her to the basic syntax and data types of the language. I am anticipating a lot of boredom and a slow pace of getting through these lessons until she realize the power of what she has learned. Any suggestions on making the introduction to syntax more fun let me know. One thing I am going to do is use Scratch to visually map what is happening back to actual JavaScript.

Piper's Notes


Using 2 slashes makes a single line comment.

Using /* */ any comments you put in between can span multiple lines.


Strings are basically a sentence.


To declare and initialize a variable use the following syntax. JavaScript standards state to start a variable with lowercase and to upperCase the first letter of a new word. This is called camelCase.

var myName = "Piper";
var catsFavoriteToy = "ball";

There are no specifics for numbers in JavaScript. A variable of type Number can hold integers or decimals.

JavaScript numbers allow you to add, subtract, multiply and divide.

Lessons Learned

Today I learned about numbers, strings, and comments. I am having so much fun writing and learning about javascript that I recommend you to try it yourself one day. I am learning JavaScript so that I can make beautiful websites. I hope you liked learning about javascript today.